An Intrinsic Love for Cars

Understanding the Magic Through Data

I’ve always had a love for cars, since my dad bought me my first Motor Trend magazine as a young child. Everything about cars captured my imagination – how they were designed, how they sketched as concepts, and how they performed.


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Fine Art Photography

Car Enthusiast Art

Our companion site, Car Enthusiast Art,  explores experience design, creative, and technical development of high performance sports cars from an artistic perspective. This includes art pieces developed in acrylic, oils, and water color as well as digital formats.


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Capturing Special Events

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

Let’s face it – Saturday morning car Meet-ups are the things us car nuts live for. The early morning coffee and comradarie amoung those in the performance car community are the best way to start our weekends. Capturing that event is just as important as any other detail you need to work out. My photography will help you capture the magic of the moment, whether it’s a your fist performace car or your 500th, these memories will live on for you as we move from the age of the internal combustion engine to the electrified sports cars of tomorrow.